As-Samu Town

A border town that represents the end of the borders of the southern West Bank and rises 720 meters above sea level. Its name goes back to the Canaanite town of Eshtemoa, meaning obedience. The Old City contains 530 buildings, most of which are one-story, and their condition is between medium and good. Half of its buildings are used by the people. The Old City still contains the remains of a tower, a synagogue, and a Roman church, in addition to dilapidated buildings and walls, caves, and caves. Its municipality's vision states that it is "a modern, prosperous, attractive and promising town that preserves its heritage and originality."

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Cultural identity

Silk Tower

The Roman tower located in Al-Samu’, which indicates the ancient buildings and the material heritage in the town and the historical heritage, and the silk indicates the crafts, and because Al-Samu’ is the only area in the West Bank that specializes in weaving rugs of this high quality, in addition to distinctive products, including “Jameed”