Rozana Association

For the Development of Architectural Heritage

Rozana Association is a non-government organization established in 2007 to promote sustainable development in rural Palestine. Through its partnerships and networks with other Palestinian organizations and entities, Rozana implements a community-based, socially-responsible approach that leverages existing resources and capacities to develop community competencies that can generate income and improve the quality of village lives.
Rozana’s work is focused on five main areas: Architectural Heritage, Trails and Tours, Cultural Events, Community Capacity Building, and Networks and Partnerships.
Rozana offers an array of cultural and educational events as well as thematic tours and hikes to Sufi shrines, maqams and restored village historic centers that explore Palestine’s landscapes and historic architecture. Rozana’s strong community connections provide opportunities to meet and engage with Palestinians where and how they live while simultaneously assisting in rural socio-economic development.


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